Targets, Bonuses, and Incentives

Kleeneze bonus


As a Kleeneze Distributor, there are many incentives and bonuses you can achieve along your journey. This page explains the initial bonuses available to you.





You earn commission on every product you sell. It varies from product to product, but you earn just under 21% on most of the Kleeneze range, and 15% on the KLife range.

This is very simple – whenever you deliver a product to a customer, or they collect it from you, the customer pays you then. Out of the money they pay you, part of that you send back to Kleeneze for the cost of the goods, and the rest is your profit, your commission.

Welcome Rewards

Kleeneze welcome rewards


During your first days and weeks, you can earn welcome rewards by placing orders…





First 30 Days

If you place £150 in orders during your first 30 Days, you receive your first welcome reward. You can choose from

  • 50 Kleeneze Catalogues
  • 50 KLife Catalogues
  • Dropship Credits

If you place a total of £600 in orders during your first 30 Days, you receive your second welcome reward. You can choose two from the list above.

First 60 Days

If you place a total of £1200 in orders during your first 60 Days, you receive your third welcome reward. You can choose another two from the list above.


On top of your commission, and welcome rewards, you can earn bonuses.

Kleeneze calculates your bonuses based on orders placed in a PERIOD. A Period is 28 Days, starting just after 9pm on a Thursday evening, and ending at 9pm on the Thursday evening 4 weeks later.

All orders placed during that period are used to calculate your bonus.

kleeneze bonus chart













The chart above summarises the Bonus levels…

  • 10% Bonus if you achieve 650 Bonus Points (£780 in orders)
  • 13% Bonus if you achieve 1300 Bonus Points (£1560 in orders)
  • 15% Bonus if you achieve 2250 Bonus Points (£2700 in orders)
  • 18% Bonus if you achieve 3400 Bonus Points (£4080 in orders)
  • 21% Bonus if you achieve 5100 Bonus Points (£6120 in orders)
  • 24% Bonus if you achieve 7500 Bonus Points (£9000 in orders) – You are now a GOLD Distributor.

Your bonuses are paid directly into your bank account on the Thursday after the end of the Period.

At the start of each period you start again on 0, and can earn another bonus 28 days later.

IMPORTANT – the orders of you and ALL OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS are counted to see what bonus level you achieve.

Some people will earn a 24% Bonus entirely on their own.

Most people can earn 10% and 13% Bonuses on their own.

Sharing the Opportunity and building a team is the best way to earn bigger bonuses.