Facebook Selling

Selling Kleeneze products on Facebook – Best Practices



Hi, and welcome to the world of Facebook Selling.

Your first training is to watch these SIX SHORT VIDEOS which will give you a good summary of how we work.


Then, follow the steps on this link to get off to a Fast Start on Facebook.

Follow these guidelines as you post on Facebook every day…

1) Join 50 local groups. If you are not in enough groups, you will not get the sales initially, and you will not attract as many people into your group.

2) Post 3 products every day in your own group, and in the 50 local groups.  Doing this every day creates familiarity – people start to recognise your products, your style, and will join your group out of curiosity and interest.

3) Make sure you add an invitation to your group in all of your posts. e.g. … “…To see all of our bargains and offers, join my group. You can find it by searching for “Chris and Sarah’s Store with More”  (but use YOUR group name! 🙂 )

When you first start off, most of your sales will come from the local groups. You will also find that people start to join your group. As you get more and more people in your group, you will find most of your sales come from there.

4) Make your descriptions short and simple. Don’t describe all of the dimensions, materials, etc. You want people to ask questions by commenting on your post. This creates interests, and gives you a free bump back up to the top of the group.

5) Round the prices up to the nearest pound. This is what individuals do. Large companies use £8.99 to try and kid customers that it is cheaper. You want to come across as a local person who has some things to sell, not a large business who is trying to sell in bulk.

6) Make your descriptions chatty, as if you were talking to your best friend. People like a bit of rapport, and this way people get to see you’re friendly, and start to see your character, so they feel more trusting.


Zoe Climpson, one of the most successful distributors selling on Facebook, was kind enough to share these examples…