Meetings are the lifeblood of your Kleeneze business.

As a Kleeneze distributor you are self-employed. The beauty of this is that you are your own boss. Nobody can tell you when to put your catalogues out, when you can take time off, when you can or can’t do overtime. You decide all of these things for yourself.

However, you can feel quite isolated. There is no office to go to, not shop to work in, and your colleagues and team members can be anywhere in th UK and Ireland.

So you will find going to meetings very important. You will meet your team members, get to know them, you will get information and inspiration

Not everyone who goes to meetings is successful, but everyone who is successful goes to meetings

There are a variety of different meetings to go to. I recommend that you go to as many as you can.

  • Local Opportunity Meetings
  • Millionaires Colleges
  • Kleeneze Showcases
  • Local Opportunity Meetings
    • Local Opportunity Meetings are run by experienced Kleeneze distributors all over the country. Most of the meetings are open to all distributors. They are usually on a weekday evening, about once a month, and they last about an hour.
    • They usually consist of a presentation about the business, and a short training session.
    • They are great to take along friends who want to find out more about Kleeneze.
    • They are normally held in a room in a local pub or hotel, so you can have a little team meeting in the bar aswell.
    • To see a complete list of the meetings, click here.
  • Millionaires Colleges
    • Millionaires Colleges are bigger meetings, run by Bob Webb and Gavin Scott, two of our most successful distributors.
    • They are run on a weekend day, normally from around 11:30 to about 16:30
    • Four or five experienced distributors giving training on different aspects of the business.
    • A great way to meet your team from around the country.
    • One is in Bracknell, for London and the South East of England.
    • One is in Newcastle, for the North East of England.
    • For the dates and other details – click here.
  • Kleeneze Showcases
    • Twice a year, Kleeneze run major Showcase meetings in Birmingham.
    • January is the launch of the New Year, with new announcements, new products.
    • September is the announcement of the International Conference for the following year.
    • Loads of training from inspirational speakers from inside Kleeneze, and external speakers aswell.
    • Get to Gold and above and walk across the stage to be applauded and cheered by all of your team!
    • Find details of the next conference – click here