If a customer would like to return an item for ANY reason (damaged, doesn’t work, wrong size, not what he/she thought, wrong colour, changed mind) – then you can either give them a refund, or order them a new one.

Either way, once you have done that, you can return the item to Kleeneze so you get your money back.

Kleeneze will collect any items you wish to return at the same time that they deliver an order to you – so it saves ParcelForce doing two trips.


A couple of notes….

One return per period is collected free, but if you do more than that, you will be charged for the collection – so save all items to be returned and do them together.

Do the return in the first or second week of the period – as you will lose any points associated with the items, and that gives you time to build them up again for your bonus.


The Process consists of two distinct steps, which can be done weeks apart :

  1. Inform Kleeneze that you have some items to return. You can then get the value credited to your account.
  2. Physically return the items to Kleeneze.
    • IMPORTANT – make sure you place a return note (either printed or hand written) inside the box with your account number on – so Kleeneze know who sent the box to them.


This video explains how to do both parts…


IMPORTANT – after you have returned items to Kleeneze, and have received a Credit for the items, it’s important to keep an eye out on your emails for invoices from Kleeneze.

If Kleeneze credit your account, and they do not receive the items back within a month, they will invoice you for them again.
Sometimes this can be because they received your box of returns ok, but they could not work out who it was from – maybe the goods return note got damaged in the box, or you forgot to put it in.
If this happens, all you need to do is email saying you have been re-invoiced for items you have returned. Then say how many boxes were collected by Parcelforce, and the date they were collected. You should then get the credit again to your account.