Get Started

As a new Kleeneze Distributor, you probably feel as if you have no idea what to do. I know that’s how I felt.

This page contains sections on the different steps to go through. It looks like there is a lot, but just go through each step one at a time, discuss any questions with your team leader, and you won’t go far wrong.

To start off, here’s a short video to help…

Now follow these step by step instructions….

  1. Open your welcome letter and Kleeneze Catalogue Pack
  2. Checklist for delivering your catalogues
  3. Check out your Kleeneze Internet Account
  4. Plan your 30-Day Bonus
  5. Placing an order
  6. Our Training Webinars
  7. Watch this message from our leader
  8. Listen to this fantastic story
  9. Go to a meeting
  10. Check your photo id card

Open Your Welcome Letter and Kleeneze Catalogue Pack

Within a couple of days of completing the online registration, you should receive a Welcome Letter from the person who introduced you to Kleeneze, and your Kleeneze Catalogue Pack.

The welcome letter should give you all of the contact details of your upline. These are the people who will support you and help you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze. At the very least it should have the person who introduced you to the business, and it should have my contact details aswell.

Please feel free to contact me at any time via telephone, text, email, or Facebook.

In your Kleeneze Catalogue Pack, you will receive your catalogues, order forms, snap bags, 4 instruction booklets, everything you need to get started.

You are now ready to start making money with Kleeneze!

Checklist For Delivering Your Catalogues

Once you have your Catalogues, and your personalised leaflets, you are ready to take action!


  •  Make sure all of your catalogues have your name and address labels on. (People like to buy from local people)
  • In each plastic bag, put one of each catalogue (main one, plus any sale catalogues, or specials), an order form (again with a sticky label on it), and a day slip at the front so your customers know what day to put it out. Make the packages up exactly the same. (You’ll see why in a minute)
  • Best Practice is to leave the catalogues with your customers for TWO days, so if you plan to deliver them on a Monday, use the WEDNESDAY dayslip and so on.
  • Use a map of the local area to plan where you are going to deliver.


  • Make a note in your round book of every house you drop a catalogue in – so you know where to go back to!
  • Chat to everyone as you go round – if people see how polite and friendly you are, they are more likely to order from you.
  • Deliver to every house – don’t pre-judge who might order and who might not. Ignore any signs that say “No door to door sellers”, “no junk mail” etc. – These are often your best customers.
  • Put the catalogue right through the letterbox.
  • Always close gates behind you, walk on footpaths, not across lawns etc – be courteous.
  • Flats – if all of the letterboxes are together – put a small sticky label on the plastic back, and write the flat number on each one – then you know which ones have been returned when you collect them.


  • Collect the catalogues on the day you say you will – Customers like to see that you are reliable.
  • Take plenty of “Thank you for your order” slips and “Sorry I missed you” slips
  • Take your round book with you again, and mark off for every house…
  • Did you get the catalogue back?
  • Did they look at it? (You can usually tell because the catalogues, order form, and day slips are in a different order)
  • Did they order?
  • If the catalogue is not on the doorstep, knock on the door. If they answer, say “Hi, have you finished with the Kleeneze catalogue I dropped in a couple of days ago?” – 9 times out of 10 it is by the front door ready to be put out, they just forgot.
  • If there is no answer – put a “Sorry I missed You” leaflet through the door, and make a note in your round book that you need to go back.
  • Go back the next day to see if the catalogue is out. Again, if not, knock on the door, if no answer, put another slip through. Continue doing this every day for 3 or 4 days, until you get it back, or you are told they can’t find it, or they have binned it.

When preparing the catalogues to go out again, put the catalogues back in the correct order, and use new snap-bags to replace any damaged, dirty, or tatty ones. Remember – this is your shop window, keep it looking smart.

I hope that all makes sense. It looks like there is a lot to remember, but after a couple of days you will have no problems.

Speak to your upline if you have any questions.

Checkout Your Kleeneze Internet Account

As soon as you have completed your registration, you should get an email from Head Office with your account number.

The Account Number is your userid for your account on This is your admin website where you can place your orders, check when an order is being delivered, and loads of other useful stuff.

I suggest you try to login as soon as possible.

Your password is the one you created during the registration process.

Log on to (you will see a link called “Distributor Login” in the top right hand corner of the website.)

Have an explore, and then when you are ready to use it seriously, you should have a head start.

Plan your 30-Day Bonus

Every new Kleeneze Distributor is given a challenge. A challenge to help them make a great start in their new Kleeneze business.

The challenge is: Achieve 500 Bonus Points (around £600 in orders) in your first 30 Days. That might sound a lot, but it is only £150 a week, and if you put your catalogues out at least once a week, you have a great chance of achieving that.

If you meet the challenge, you will be rewarded in 3 ways…

  1. You receive 50 catalogues FREE every time you put in an order of £150 or more.
  2. You will have earned around £120 in basic commission from your customers.
  3. You will receive an EXTRA 50 Catalogues for hitting your target.

So by meeting this challenge you will have got off to a great start by finding your first customers. You will have earnt some money, at least £120, and you will have received around 250 catalogues to replace those you may have lost in your first month.


Placing an order

After you have received some orders from your customers, and are ready to send it to Head Office, see the section on Placing Orders for instructions to follow.


Our Training Webinars

Although Kleeneze is a very simple business (you put your catalogues out, collect them back in, deliver your orders, show others how to do the same), we provide training where we explain the whole business in more detail.

The trainings are done via a Webinar – basically over the internet. It’s very simple – I talk – everyone who is logged in can watch and listen, and there is a text box for anyone to ask questions.

They are held every Wednesday evening at 8pm, they last about 30 minutes.

I send out an invitation for each one – so you should get one for the next training.

I also record them, so if you can’t make one, you can catch up on it over the next day or so.

Checkout the latest recordings :- click here

Watch this message from our Leader

Bob Webb is one of the most successful distributors in Kleeneze, and he recorded this short video for us all. Take a couple of minutes to watch it. I hope you enjoy it.

To watch the video, Click on the picture or Click Here

Listen to this Fantastic Story

Some people who start Kleeneze are looking for a flexible way to earn an extra £50 a week. Other people are looking to earn a lot more than that.

Here is an interview with Sandy Grey, a lady who made £1000 in her first four weeks with Kleeneze. I hope you enjoy it.

To listen to the interview, click on the picture, or click here.


Go to a training meeting

Not everyone who goes to meetings is successful, but everyone who is successful goes to meetings

Kleeneze meetings are fantastic. They are the lifeblood of our business. They are so important, I would go as far to say that if you don’t go to meetings, you will really struggle to be successful in Kleeneze.

To find out what’s available – click here

Check your photo id card

When you register as a Kleeneze distributor, you will receive an id card which you must carry with you whenever you are running your business. You should receive a temporary id card with your starter pack.

When you completed the online registration for Kleeneze, there was an option at the end to upload a photo for your id card. If you did, you will receive your permanent id card within a couple of days.

However – if you did not upload a photo at that time, you will need to email one, or post one, within four weeks of your registration.

The email address is – make sure you include your name and account number in the email.

If you want to post a photo, post it, along with your name and account number to…

Kleeneze UK Limited
Express House
Clayton Business Park
Clayton Le Moors