Although Kleeneze is a very simple business (you put your catalogues out, collect them back in, deliver your orders, show others how to do the same), we provide training where we explain the whole business in more detail.

There are 8 videos below. They are recordings from our weekly webinars. It is much better to join our weekly webinars, they are interactive, so I can answer any questions you might have at the time, but if you’d like to go over one of the webinars again, here they are:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Your First Four Weeks
  3. Building Your Customer Base
  4. Team Building for Beginners
  5. Supporting your new team members
  6. Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business
  7. Goals and Attitude
  8. Personal Development

Here are the videos, just click on the one you want to watch. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me, or the person who sponsored you….

Webinar 1 – Getting Started.

Everything you need to know about getting the best possible start to your Kleeneze Business…
How to start getting orders before your catalogues arrive
Facebook Selling,
How to prepare the catalogues,
How to deliver them,
Where to deliver them,
How to collect them,
How to deliver the orders to your customers.

…. find out more by watching this video

Webinar 2 – Your First Four Weeks.

The critical things to do during the first few weeks of your Kleeneze Business…

  • How to set your first goals
  • Decide what to sacrifice to achieve them
  • Sowing the seeds of team building
  • The 21-Day rule

Webinar 3 – Building your Customer Base.

When you first deliver your catalogues, people buy from Kleeneze. After a while, they buy fromĀ  YOU!

How to build a great rapport with your customers, with your catalogues, and on Facebook, so they order from you regularly…

Webinar 4 – Team Building for Beginners.

How to start building a large residual income by Sharing this opportunity.

What tools do you need to get started?

Can you use Facebook to contact people?

Find out by watching…

Webinar 5 – How to Support your New Team Members.

When a new Kleeneze distributor joins your team, how do you help them make the best possible start?

Setting their expectations, You going to work for Them, Promoting events, and much more…

Find out by watching…

Webinar 6 – Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business.

So you know how to retail with your catalogues, you know how to bring in new team members to grow your business, what are the other essential skills you need…?

Webinar 7 – Goals and Attitude

Every Kleeneze Distributor starts with exactly the same opportunity: 250 catalogues and no customers. Some will fail, some will be successful, and some will achieve their dreams. So what makes the difference? How can you be one of the distributors that achieves their dreams? Watch this to find out…


Webinar 8 – Personal Development

In Webinar 7 you learned that your attitude can make the difference between being successful or not. Can you do anything about your attitude? Can you learn some skills and philosophies that will help you build your business? Of Course! Watch this video to see how…