KLEENEZE INTRO 13 – This can make a BIG difference

Hi John, you’ve been in Kleeneze for about a week now. I hope things are going well.

Don’t worry if it all seems a bit too much at the moment – there is a lot to learn, but you will soon get on top of it.

I have been in Kleeneze since 2008, and I now want to share something with you that will make a huge difference to you. Whether you stay in Kleeneze for a week, a month, a year, or twenty years, this should affect the rest of your life.

It is an audio cd, but you can listen to it on YouTube.

Now – if you were working in a job, and I said to you – I have some training for you to do. If you complete it, we will double your wages. It will take half a day. Would you do it? Of Course!

This audio, I believe, will change the way you think about earning a living for the rest of your life. If you take it on board, it will double, triple, quadruple your earnings and more.


So here is my recommendation to you….


Find somewhere quiet, where you can sit down by your computer with no interruptions, get a notepad and pen, and listen to this audio by a gentleman named Jim Rohn. It is based in America, but his examples and quotes are just as relevant here. It is four hours long, so it may take several sittings to watch the whole thing, but it will be worth it.


I hope you enjoy it… Click here to watch it…


Best wishes

Chris Smith