KLEENEZE INTRO 15: Find out more…

Hi John, there are lots of things going on in Kleeneze all of the time – and one of the ways you get this information is via email.
Kleeneze send you regular emails, but there are also three “team” emails that I recommend:
Sent by three of the top distributors in Kleeneze – it is definitely worth subscribing to these email lists.
You will get some duplication, as they might send the same information. You will also get some information that you might not understand , or feel that you need. For example, notice of a team meeting at the other end of the country – but if you start team building, then that sort of info is really useful.
To subscribe to these three email lists…….
If you have any questions about any of the emails you receive, please ask me about it.
Best wishes
Chris Smith
01425 470558
07956 327327