KLEENEZE INTRO 3: All the help you need is right here…

Hi [fname], although Kleeneze is a very simple business (you put your catalogues out, collect them back in, deliver your orders, show others how to do the same), we provide all the help you need to understand the whole business in more detail.
This help is available in a variety of ways – depending on how you prefer, but one of the easiest is our team videos…
This is our group website, and there is lots of useful information there.
Click on the menu option for Training, and you’ll see there are 8 videos…
  1. Getting Started
  2. Your First Four Weeks
  3. Building Your Customer Base
  4. Team Building for Beginners
  5. Supporting your new team members
  6. Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business
  7. Goals and Attitude
  8. Personal Development

Start at number one, and work your way through them over the next days and weeks. They are each about 15 minutes – some longer, some shorter.

If you have any questions about any of them, just let me know.
Best wishes
Chris Smith
01425 470558
07956 327327