KLEENEZE INTRO 5: Our best-practice Principles

Hi John, I have been a Kleeneze distributor since 2008, and I have introduced hundreds of distributors to the business. Some have been successful, and some have not.
I have discovered some common things that go wrong for the distributors that are unsuccessfuyl, and I have distilled them into THREE PRINCIPLES which, if you follow them, will give you a huge chance of success.
Principle ONE – You have to study the stuff I send you.

Kleeneze is very simple, but it is easy to make mistakes. So I will be sedning you, over the next days and weeks, emails that will help you avoid those mistakes.
You don’t have to read it all at once, and don’t delay putting your catalogues out by waiting to read everything, but don’t fall into the mistake of thinking you don’t need to read it.



Principle TWO – Get involved.

There are 2 ways to run your Kleeneze business
1) On your own
2) As part of our team


Some new distributors try and run their new business in isolation, but I highly recommend that you get involved with Kleeneze, and our team in particular, so that you can learn from the best and most successful distributors in the business. The best and easiest ways to get involved are…


  • Call me. I love to hear your questions, and how things are going. My job is to help you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze. So call me today, tell me what you want, and I’ll guide you along the path to get there.
  • Join our weekly webinars. You’ll receive an invitation to our weekly webinars. They are a very easy way to receive training from the comfort of your own home.
  • Attend our training meetings. there are local monthly meetings across the country, so find your nearest one (click here), tell me when where and I will do my damnedest to come along with you. An opportunity to spend some one to one time with me, while we learn from the presenters and trainers.


Principle THREE – No Moaning

If you’re a negative nit picker who loves nothing more than to find faults and problems, then this might not be the place for you.

I’ll be honest with you: Everything WON’T always be perfect.

There will be people who throw away catalogues
There will be occasional delays to your orders
There will be team members who quit.


But you can be hugely successful in this business anyway. If things do go wrong, let me know and I’ll help you fix it. I find the best thing to do when things like this happen is to say “Isn’t that interesting”

Now that doesn’t mean you have to be permanently jolly with a fixed grin on your face, just to accept that sometimes “s**t happens”.
I am 100% committed to helping you get whatever you want out of Kleeneze, to transform your life if you want to. So keep in touch, and let’s go!

Best wishes
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07956 327327