KLEENEZE INTRO 7: Checklist for delivering your Kleeneze catalogues

Hi John – when you first start with Kleeneze, although it is a very simple business, it can be a bit confusing, so here is a quick checklist to follow when planning to go “letterboxing” or “Blanketing”. This is usually your next step after you have shown your catalogues to people that you know (friends, family, neighbours, colleagues).


“Blanketing” is where you just pop the catalogues through letterboxes in your area….



  • Here’s a short video to show you how to pack the catalogues… Click Here to watch it.
  • Make sure all of your catalogues have your name and address labels on. (People like to buy from local people)
  • Best Practice is to leave the catalogues with your customers for TWO Days, so choose the dayslip based on two days after you plan to deliver them.
  • In each plastic bag, put one of each catalogue (main one, plus any sale catalogues, or specials), an order form (again with a sticky label on it), and a day slip at the front so your customers know what day to put it out. Make the packages up exactly the same. (You’ll see why in a minute)
  • Use a map of the local area to plan where you are going to deliver.


  • Make a note in your round book of every house you drop a catalogue in – so you know where to go back to!
  • Deliver to every house – don’t pre-judge who might order and who might not. Ignore any signs that say “No door to door sellers”, “no junk mail” etc. – These are often your best customers.
  • Put the catalogue right through the letterbox.
  • Always close gates behind you, walk on footpaths etc – be courteous.
  • Flats – if all of the letterboxes are together – put a small sticky label on the plastic back, and write the flat number on each one – then you know which ones have been returned when you collect them.


  • Collect the catalogues on the day you say you will – Customers like to see that you are reliable.
  • Take plenty of “Thank you for your order” slips and “Sorry I missed you” slips
  • Take your round book with you again, and mark off for every house…
    • Did you get the catalogue back?
    • Did they look at it? (You can usually tell because the catalogues, order form, and day slips are in a different order)
    • Did they order?
  • If the catalogue is not on the doorstep, knock on the door. If they answer, say “Hi, have you finished with the Kleeneze catalogue I dropped in a couple of days ago?” – 9 times out of 10 it is by the front door ready to be put out. they just forgot.
  • If there is no answer – put a “Sorry I missed You” leaflet through the door, and make a note in your round book that you need to go back.
  • Go back the next day to see if the catalogue is out. Again, if not, knock on the door, if no answer, put another slip through. Continue doing this every day for 3 or 4 days, until you get it back, or you are told they can’t find it, or they have binned it.
  • When preparing the catalogues to go out again, put the catalogues back in the correct order, and use new snap-bags to replace any damaged, dirty, tatty ones. Remember – this is your shop window, keep it looking smart.
I hope that all makes sense. It looks like there is a lot to remember, but after a couple of days you will have no problems.
Give me a call if you have any questions.
Best wishes
Chris Smith
01425 470558
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