KLEENEZE INTRO 8b – One thing you must not do…

Hi John,
You’ve been in Kleeneze for about a week now, and I’ve sent you lots of information about things to do,,,
Today I wanted to explain the one thing that you must not do, as this will DEFINITELY stop you on your path to success.
Vince Lombardi was a famous American Football Coach who came up with the well known phrase “Winners never Quit, and Quitters never Win”.
This is very true in your Kleeneze business. Let me show you a typical graph of a Kleeneze distributor’s income…
As you can see, your earnings at the beginning start off low, and as you find more and more customers, and introduce some team members, it starts to grow exponentially. Most Kleeneze distributors who quit, quit while they are at the beginning, and haven’t given their business the time it needs to grow.
John Hawkes, one of my mentors and Kleeneze distributor of the Year 2012, often talks about his first couple of years. His business started quite well, but then hit a plateau for 21 months, when it hardly grew at all. He is often asked “Did you ever think of quitting?” and he replies “Every Bloody Day”. But he didn’t, and he now earns over £10,000 a month.
Many successful businessmen had major failures when they were starting up…
Richard Branson was convicted of VAT Fraud
Walt Disney and Henry Ford both went Bankrupt.
But they didn’t quit. They used what they had learned to become stronger and better.
You can do the same, as long as you don’t quit.
Best wishes
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